Fall fun

Since September, Ellis has started kindergarten, we celebrated her 5th birthday, traveled to St.Louis for my cousin Jamie's wedding, spent many weekends at the local parks and had a great visit from Mike to NYC. Ellis is having a great time in school and has just started to read some simple words. We are excited to share stories with her in a whole new way. Similarly, Leo is saying just about the same words that Ellis is starting to read. Pretty soon she might be reading him bedtime stories!


Spring into Summer into Fall

My weekly instagrams have kept me from updating regularly here, but I haven’t forgotten about our blog and I’m often toting along the “good camera” to capture special outings, vacations and big events like Pre-K graduation. Since my last post, Ellis had a graduation, we took trips to Florida and upstate New York, Leo started saying quite a few words, we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, and my cousin Mary Liz moved to NYC (it’s wonderful to have family nearby!).


Easter in Holland

11 great days with family in Holland and 100s of photos! We were all over the country; from Deventer to Amsterdam, Almere to Voorburg, ending with a long weekend in Zeeland with all of the family. It was so special to see the cousins playing together.