Our little product testers

Max and Meisje have been very thorough about trying out everything new we've brought home for the baby. Meisje loves the new car seat we won in a raffle and both she and Max were very curious about the changing pad. I guess it doesn't hurt that it's a perfectly sized kitty bed as well!

28 weeks

Hello third trimester! I've been feeling pretty good. A little slower physically and mentally, but excited overall. I now have "pregnancy brain" and have been mixing up words all week. I called the kitchen the fridge this morning.

Crazy clouds

June has had some surprising weather. We've had tons of rain, a few sunny afternoons and some cotton ball clouds after a thunderstorm this evening. Most of the US is suffering through a heatwave while we've just put in our bedroom AC for the season.



Erik had his naturalization ceremony last Thursday. The whole process took only five months. He'll now be able to get a US Passport along with his Dutch one. We celebrated his adopted second country with a BBQ lunch and a new flag.

MoMa and screaming Puerto Ricans

Checked out the latest MoMa exhibitions this afternoon. We arrived early and took a little break on the terrace of the 5th floor cafe. What a beautiful spot! While enjoying our strawberry tart, we overheard the cheers, screams and music from the Puerto Rican Day parade one block away.


Yesterday, Erik and I took a little day trip to Hoboken, NJ to pick up his new soccer jersey at an actual soccer store. Despite the rain, we enjoyed walking around, figuring out the Path train (which made us feel like real tourists) and taking the ferry home. It's amazing how different the architecture was just over the river.


Two weekends ago we spent a lovely weekend upstate with Josephine, Peter and her Mom, Terry. It was so nice to breathe the fresh mountain air, stick our tired city feet in some soft grass, and enjoy home cooked meals with friends. We visited a lovely old cemetery down the road as well.