Clearwater Adventure

We survived our first trip as a family of four! We flew down to Tampa at the beginning of the month so Mommoms could meet Leo. We turned a family trip into a vacation by driving over to Clearwater Beach and spending three nights at a sea side hotel.

Busy in Brooklyn

Leo is starting to fall asleep earlier at night and Erik is busy reading Ellis her 20th bedtime story, so I finally have a few minutes to update our blog. We are keeping very busy, but getting used to (and really enjoying) life with two children. Leo is smiling more and more each day and this weekend he rolled over and giggled (at Ellis) for the first time. Ellis also had her first dance recital this weekend. She was so sweet on stage. She did all of her moves and even shouted out “Mama....Mama?” while looking for me in an audience of hundreds. It will certainly make for a memorable video. Along with falling asleep a little earlier, Leo's evening crying is much less intense. From about 4-10 weeks, he would cry for about an hour every night, while we bounced, rocked, fed, swaddled and tried everything possible to calm him down. Our pediatrician said this colic would ease up around 3 months and it really has. He still has a very loud cry, but I'll just try and celebrate the fact that he has nice, strong lungs! Here are some pictures from the last month, including Mother's Day in Brooklyn Bridge Park, a visit to the play space Twinkle, MoMA Rain Room and a Central Park picnic.