Miss Messy

We’re finally getting a chance to use all of Ellis’s adorable bibs. She ate (we think...) a little baby oatmeal mixed with breastmilk this morning. She’s starting to really enjoy it and so are we!


5 months and the very hungry Ellis

It seems surreal that Ellis is already 5 months old! Tonight, Erik and I edited the photos we want to print for an album. We’ve had prints made here and there for family, but this will be the first time we are printing for ourselves. Very excited to see how the album comes together this week.

Last Tuesday Erik picked up a highchair from another family via craigslist. It’s so lightweight and portable and gives Ellis an instant seat at restaurants too. So far she really enjoys sitting at the table with us. We even tried a few tastes of pureed food this week (oatmeal, bananas, carrots and sweet potatoes). She doesn’t seem that interested in solids yet, but she did make some adorable faces with each new flavor. Maybe we’ll wait another week before trying again. No rush really.


Snow Day!

I am a little behind on posting, but since there is still a little snow on the ground in Brooklyn, it’s okay. Last Wednesday NYC was hit with some snow and blizzard like weather. It really wasn’t that bad, but the schools wanted to be cautious and called a snow day Tuesday afternoon. Since Ellis’s daycare follows whatever the schools do, she also had a snow day. So, this was my first experience as a parent who had to work from home since school was canceled. If only we could have gone sledding! I stayed inside all day with Ellis and had a relaxing (and surprisingly productive) day watching the snow fall and giving Ellis test rides in the Quinny...since we think she’s almost big enough to ride in it!

Adventures in Baby Sitting

All of those baby crunches paid off and Ellis is now able to sit up with little support. So exciting! I am also a big fan of her adorable foot eating position as well.


Tante Amke

We were so excited that Amke was able to visit NYC last weekend. She was really great with Ellis and it was wonderful they were able to meet. I took the day off on Friday and hit up a few stores with Amke. Ellis was still at daycare so we could shop without worrying about her next diaper change or nap. It felt pretty great to get a Moms’ day out! On Saturday, we went to the MoMa and then to a few toy stores before getting home to watch some Olympic speed skating. Sven Kramer did not disappoint! On Sunday, before Amke headed back, we enjoyed a nice brunch with Simone, David and family. Since Cedric and Sophie are so close in age, I thought it would be fun for them to meet. It was a really fun visit and we are looking forward to seeing all of Erik’s family in just over a month!


10,000 photos

We recently look our 10,000th* photo with the Nikon and the file numbers rolled back to 0001. It felt like reaching 100k miles with a car . . . if we had a car. Digital photography is amazing. That we can capture so many moments in such a small space. I can’t imagine where we would fit 10,000 prints in our apartment! I do need to remember to make prints of my favorites though.
I’ve pulled up photos from every 1,000. Funny selection.
*Turns out we were rewriting the files for a while when our camera was new. I am including a few of the 0001s here as well.

DSC_0001: Super Ellis, Feb, 2010

DSC_0001: Jenny on our balcony in Aruba, October 2007

DSC_0001: Handsome Max on the deck, July 2007

DSC_0001: Christa and Cedric, March 2008

DSC_0001: Isabelle and Nick’s planters, April 2008

DSC_2001: Erik experimenting with our new lens, December 2008

DSC_3001: Erik’s cousins celebrating Oma’s 80th birthday, January 2009

DSC_4001: Jenny in Central Park, about 4 months pregnant, April 2009

DSC_5001: Crazy cotton ball clouds, June 2009

DSC_6001: Newtown Creek in Greenpoint, August 2009

DSC_7001: Ellis’s first bath after her cord stump fell off, September 2009

DSC_8001: Ellis in her cosleeper, October 2009

DSC_9001: Ellis contemplating her bumbo, December 2009


Ellis learned to make this funny sound back to us today. She got a little camera shy, but she came through around 35 seconds.

Pear pants

Thought Ellis looked so cute in her new pear pants from baby Gap (size 12-18 months . . . yikes). I am buying large these days so she can wear things more than once. She’s already grown out of this green onesie (hence the baby cleavage) but I couldn’t resist the pairing . . . or should I say pear-ing :). I managed to capture one of her “I am so tired of hanging out on my back” crunches too.


Beer Hall

Met up with some friends and neighborhood families at Radegast beer garden today. The weather was below freezing, so we bundled Ellis up in her winter finest.
It felt nice to relax after a slightly stressful week at daycare. After great progress the week before, we were surprised to have some challenging days when Ellis decided she had no interest in naps. For almost three days she barely napped! Thankfully, she continued to sleep great at night. Hopefully, it’s just a phase (maybe the 4 month sleep regression) and she’ll be back to regular napping soon. She managed two naps today (one at home and one in the carrier) so things are beginning to look up a little. Some good news from this week: Ellis is taking bottles with very little protest from Erik again! She’s also trying very hard to sit up with little crunch like motions and managed to gently pull off Erik’s glasses today. I am considering saying goodbye to all of my dangling earrings for awhile...