Happy Birthdays!!

Today is a very exciting day. It's our adorable nephew Cedric's first birthday. Can hardly believe it was a year ago that we heard the exciting news and saw his first photo. We'll get to see him net Saturday. Can't wait.

Happy Birthday also today to our friend Edwin...who is more than one and less than thirty five.

AND Happy Birthday yesterday to my brother Mike! He turned 29. Next year will be the big 30!

This week was interesting, but very busy with work. There was a lunar eclipse Wednesday night and a snow storm yesterday. Both were really something special to see. Tried to get a photo of the eclipse. It came out a little blurry, so I found a better one online.


V-Day and the Opera

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's. We ended up cooking at home, eating delicious desserts from City Bakery, sipping some wine and watching LOST.

On Wednesday I had the treat of getting to go to see Carmen at the Metropolitan Opera. It was incredible. My first opera. Their voices, the sets, the horses, donkeys and dogs! The building at Lincoln Center is amazing too...a mid-century gem. I had heard there were subtitles for the performances, but I wasn't sure how that would be. Turns out it wasn't too distracting and it was nice to put the text with all of that emotion.

Can hardly believe it's Friday again! The weeks are flying by. Turns out my move for work will be one day before our flight to Europe, so I get an extra day off to pack and get things together. Might be a good day to check out some museum shows I've been meaning to check out.


His and Her Movies & last week

Went to the movies tonight with Aaron and Caitlin. The guys went to see Cloverfield, while the girls went to see Enchanted. Two very different movies set in NYC. We came out of the movie smiling and laughing (it was a very cute movie) while the guys had been slightly traumatized by the shaking camera and the giant city destroying monster.

Yesterday we took Max and Meisje to the vet for a checkup. It had been a few years. The good news, Max has lost 4 pounds (he was 22 and is now 18) and Meisje gained 1 pound (6 to 7). The slightly bad news, Max needs to get his teeth cleaned in the near future. It was sad to hear them desperately meow in their carriers on the way to and from the vet. Thankfully, they are once again back to their usual ways, sitting beside me on the couch.

Didn't have a chance to write about this last week, but the Giants winning the superbowl was pretty amazing. Great game, great night with friends. After they won, we could hear cheers and screams out the window from people in other apartments and on balconies. It was magical to hear everyone celebrating at the same time. It was also the first football game I have ever really followed and I was surprisingly not bored. Erik baked these adorable cookies for the game.

While I am always looking up from our street to see the latest construction next door, I had never noticed the carved faces above the windows of the other building next door. They are lovely...and I am a little embarrassed it took me 4 years to see them!


a very brooklyn day

In an effort to get to know more of the city, and to check out neighborhoods we might want to move to in the future, we took a little trip deeper into Brooklyn today to Ditmas Park. A unique area with lovely victorian homes and very suburban sidewalks separated by grass along tree lined streets. Erik took these pics of our adventure.


Rainy, rainy day

It has poured rain the entire day. Why couldn't this be snow? If it had been, today would have been an amazing (possibly office closing) blizzard. Come on old man winter, January was kind of weak, give us some real winter weather now that it's February.