More pics

Late September

Can September really almost be over? We've had more summer weather recently so it's hard to believe it's "fall". Sunday we celebrated the first official day of fall with a delicous dinner at Dave and Simone's with friends. Sophie has grown so much. Tuesday night we went to a Nellie McKay concert in Brooklyn. Last night was the AIGA 50 books/50 covers opening. So much inspiring work and so nice to see old work friends and Cooper friends. Ellen just moved back from Paris (after 3 1/2 years) and it was a wonderful surprise to see her there too.

Aruba countdown: 2 weeks from tomorrow!


Lovely Fall weekend

Another fun weekend. Spent a lot of time with friends. Saturday was the Open House at the Center for Book Arts where Erik has been volunteering. He got a letterpressed t-shirt and we watched demonstrations on screen printing and Japanese paper marbling (which actually looks easy enough to try at home). Thinking of taking classes there this fall. The weather was perfect, crisp and bright. Chilly in the shade and warm in the sun. The clouds and the light looked amazing today when we walked over the Pulaski bridge. Checked out the latest shows at the Cooper Hewitt. We most enjoyed sitting in their garden and watching the birds waiting for us to drop scraps of food. Christa celebrated her birthday on Friday...Gefeliciteerd!


Art and Kitties

A few new pictures. Josephine's paintings are up in a group show in Chelsea at the Monya Rowe Gallery. The opening was last week. Her work looked great and it was so exciting to see how many people came out. That night was also the big fall season opener for many many NY galleries. It was shocking to see hundreds and hundreds of people on the street heading to the openings. All very fashionably dressed or paint stained...or both.
There's construction not only right next door to our apartment, but also right next door to my office. I want to work with my window open, especially as the weather gets cooler, but the jackhammers are just a little distracting.
I love this photo of Max and Meisje!


The Wall

To celebrate Labor day weekend the developers next door decided to give us a nice end of summer present.... A huge wall!!!! We knew it was going to happen but it still was very upsetting to come home from work and see that your nice view is now cut in half by this ugly cinder block wall. Oh well....
On a positive note, we are now considering buying a projector so that we can watch wall related movies on our new movie screen "the wall".