Texas Pics

Happy Birthday to Amke! We hope you had a wonderful day yesterday with family and friends. Wish we could have been there.


Writing from Texas

Hope everyone had a very lovely Christmas! We are having a fun and relaxing time here in Austin. Our flight down on the 24th was easy enough, no delays. Taking lots of pictures we'll post when we are back in NYC.


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Just a few days until vacation. We've been busy getting all of the Christmas gifts together. I've tried to do most of my shopping after work to avoid the weekend crowds. Walking down Fifth Avenue in the 50s is like a combination of dodge ball and bumper cars. It's been difficult to resist buying a few gifts for ourselves as well. Erik's been talking about getting some kind of game system for a while, so on Sunday we went to the Sony store and Erik bought a Playstation hand held. He's having fun figuring out his new games.
Last week I was coming back from picking up some cupcakes with Charlotte at work when we saw 2 vintage school desks on the street! We dragged them back upstairs where they are now making a comfortable home.


The big 27

Today's my birthday. Woke up to a pancake mimosa breakfast surprise from Erik. Relaxed at home. Got nice calls from family and friends. When we went into the city we were both surprised to take a ride on the vintage subway car from the 1930s. It was amazing to see everyone smiling and taking pictures, talking to each other, checking out the old ads and map.

Wii and Cupcakes

Had a great time Friday at Henry's. Was surprised with some birthday cupcakes. Yum!


It's December and it's snowing!

Well, it snowed this morning. First snow of the season and I hope not the last. We brought our Xmas tree Chris inside just in time. Decorated him last night. Posting some pics of a manic walk/don't walk sign I saw and an update on the construction next door.


New temporary office space

Back in the Flatiron. The office move went pretty well. The former tenants were architects so the space is actually designed. Nice wood floors, wood and metal work stations, and decent lighting!

More Thanks photos

Early morning light at Newark
Post Turkey wii
Space age mall ceiling
Driving through Christmas lights display

Thanksgiving family photos


Back Home

Arrived back from St.Louis at midnight last night. Had a wonderful trip. Many photos to post later. Now it's off to work....


MoMa, Love, Paint, etc.

Ended up at the MoMa on Sunday. Haven't been there in months. Signed up to become members so we'll go more often, get discounts at the store (might be dangerous), and be able to see films there for free. The shows up now are great. The Seurat drawings were such a treat. Incredible to see what he could do with just tone, no lines! And his sketchbooks from the 1800s were amazing.

Inspired by the art, we came home and got out the paints. Made this portrait of Meisje. To get me into the holiday spirit, I painted this wrapping paper last night too. Now on to finding gifts! Or making them if I am really diligent.

I know Friday will be a big shopping day, but I was shocked to see a commercial on TV that Kohl's is opening at 4am. What? Who wants to shop at that hour? I guess if you pass out from that sleepy Turkey chemical at 5pm, you could sleep for 10 hours, wake up at 3am and get to Kohl's just in time...yeah right.

We will actually be waking up at 4am tomorrow in order to catch our morning flight to St.Louis out of Newark.

Since my office moved yesterday, I was basically given an extra day and a half of vacation. Enjoyed walking around Greenpoint in the afternoon (saw this funny waxing sign). Took some pictures of the office before leaving. I am going to miss all of the vintage mismatched filing cabinets that lined the 10th floor hallway. These reminded me daily of the company's rich history. When I came home and opened the mailbox, I was delighted to see the latest Budget Travel with a cover story on a trip to Paris and Amsterdam. The same trip we hope to take next year!