Quite a week

A move, an earthquake and a hurricane! This has been a crazy week. Thankfully, the two natural disasters were more bark than bite and thankfully we are almost fully settled into our new home, just one floor below our old one. We love it here. The deck we had was wonderful, but giving Ellis her own room is even better. She's adjusted really well. There's more space for her to play and two mirrored closets she's obsessed with. She could dance, make faces, and blow kisses at herself all day. More pictures of the new place soon.


Hidden Harbor Boat Tour

Erik and I continued our anniversary boat ride tradition a few weeks late this year. It was well worth the wait though! The Hidden Harbor Tour was one of our favorites. I had no idea what an exciting world existed between the boroughs with traffic rivaling the BQE and customs rivaling JFK! The best part was that the forecast had called for lightning and rain, but it ended up being a clear, warm night with a spectacular ”sailor's delight” sunset. I can hardly believe we’ve been married for seven years and I really can’t believe we’ll be celebrating ten years as a couple in October.

Also this month...

We enjoyed dinner on the deck, a visit to the newly opened section of the High Line and Ellis and Erik took their first Brooklyn bike ride.

Camping weekend

We managed to join Rein and Christa for 2 nights of their three week camping adventure. We drove up to Rocky Neck State Park in CT. We had a great spot, great weather (for the first 36 hours) and a large beach for Ellis to blissfully dig in the sand. We celebrated Erik’s 33rd birthday and are looking forward to going camping again soon.


More Europe and a move

We’ve been home from Holland exactly a month, but I didn’t want to forget to post these great photos from our trip. It was wonderful to get both of our families together. Shortly after arriving home, our downstairs neighbor popped by to let us know they were moving our west. We’ve been hoping to move down since I was pregnant and can’t wait for Ellis to have her own room. We start moving in less than a week!