Bronx Zoo

After becoming members of the Central Park Zoo a few weeks ago, we decided to take advantage of the “free” admission and take a trip up to the Bronx Zoo today. Our train ride there was easy enough, but Ellis had an giant tantrum getting to the entrance and only wanted to be carried for the first thirty minutes or so. Erik and I were ready ready to head home. Thankfully, the baby giraffe was the perfect distraction and Ellis settled down. The next few hours were great and we all enjoyed seeing the gorillas, flamingos, peacocks, alligators and the gang from Yo Gabba Gabba. We are looking forward to checking out the Prospect Park Zoo sometime soon too.


Birthday and Bellwether

What a gorgeous weekend! All of the trees and plants were blooming, the weather was perfect and I wore a skirt and sandals for the first time this year. We celebrated Sophie’s 5th Birthday on Saturday. She’s so grown up! Ellis was looking forward to her party all week. When I first mentioned it, she said “I get shoes, I get coat, I go to Sophie’s party”. We are starting to realize she doesn’t fully understand time just yet. We often say she can have something in “one minute” so when she wants something, she’ll say “I go to park one minute”.

On Sunday, we continued our Table for Three with a trip to the newly opened Bellwether near McCarren Park. This restaurant was formerly the bar Royal Oak where I have so many great college memories of drinks with friends and late night dancing. Ellis must have felt the vibes, because she had a great time doing a little robot dance in our booth! The food was good and the atmosphere was perfect for our busy little family.


Easter and illness

After a few on and off sick days, I was knocked out last Monday with a fever and sore throat. The Dr. confirmed I had strep throat. I had always heard about strep, but managed to avoid it for the last 30 plus years. We were pretty off all week with my recovery and playing catch up around the house. Erik’s been under the weather too and we are both knocking wood that Ellis will have some magic immunity and avoid getting sick. We were thankfully able to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather over the weekend, hunt for some easter eggs and meet up with our Louisville friends Carrie and Darcy. The blossoms in Central Park were beautiful! Looking forward to spending as much time as possible outside for the next six months or so.