36 weeks!

Wow...only 4 weeks left until my due date! We are in high gear at home and at work trying to get everything done before our daughter arrives. I feel pretty good...just a little anxious and a little swollen in my feet and ankles, but mostly very excited. My belly button has almost completely disappeared! It's just a little swirl of skin now. I have my last sonogram tomorrow morning and can't wait to see how much she's changed since 20 weeks.

Block Island

Back from a lovely week on Block Island. We spent many relaxing afternoons at the beach, ate some great meals with friends and breathed in as much fresh ocean air as possible. The weather was on the warm side, but perfect for getting in the water. One of the beaches even had a green clay stream. Lots of people were taking a dip into the stream, letting the clay dry and then washing it off in the ocean. I managed to snap this picture of some freshly smeared teenagers. It was a true summer vacation and we brought back lots of great memories.


Double decker bus

This month I will celebrate my 10th year in NYC. The years have sure flown by, but I can still remember my first week here, finding my way around the city, taking the subway, and being amazed at the state and size of NYC grocery stores! In all of these years, I have never taken one of the double decker tour bus rides around the city. But this all changed when Mommoms came into town last Thursday. She has a hard time walking more than a block, so I thought this might be the perfect way for her to see a lot of the sites. It was funny to do something so touristy in your own city, but I really did enjoy traveling down the streets at such an unusual height on such a gorgeous summer day. We were inches away from the stoplights!