Picnics and Parties

While we’ve stayed pretty local since our trip to Florida, we have tried to take full advantage of the mild August weather with picnics in the park and trips to the playground. It also seems to be birthday season and we are having so much fun celebrating all of the new four year olds.

Leo is now 5 months old. He’s a very smiley baby when he’s happy and he has a strong, determined cry when he’s tired or hungry. He has little interest in sitting, but is already starting to commando crawl and roll all around the floor. Ellis is his favorite person in the world. He giggles and lights up around her in the most loving way. 


Leo meets Uncle Mike and 9 years married!

Back in July, Erik and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary! That same weekend Mike came for a visit to meet Leo. We continued our boat ride tradition with a brunch cruise around Manhattan and brought all of the family. We also celebrated Mary Liz’s 21st birthday with her great roommate Brooke. There was a heat wave that weekend so we were happy to be inside a covered boat. It was so sweet to see Mike and Leo together. I think Leo’s tiny foot was the size of Mike’s big toe!


Well, that was a long break!

I can’t believe it’s been over two months since my last post! The months are passing far too quickly. I’m back at work after a very nice 16 week maternity leave. I had many wonderful play dates, walks around the neighborhood, visits to museums and some perfectly lazy days watching Leo grow, nursing and napping together. I kept Ellis home from school on Wednesdays so we could have our own little adventures and older kid play dates. Those days were exhausting, but very special. We were so lucky to have my cousin Mary Liz in NYC for two months during her internship. I’ve never had family here and it was great to spend so much time together and Erik and I were so thankful for the evenings she babysat too! Ellis had her dance recital. It was adorable . . . and long! The dance school goes all the way to high school, so there were about 20 different routines. Ellis and her fellow ballerinas were the sweetest! We also did many “photo shoots” on our bed. Ellis loves using my camera and would have me make silly poses, then she would pose and have us take pictures. It was non-stop laughter for us. Leo is a happy and healthy baby. He seems so eager to crawl and is often on his belly grunting and grabbing. He has very little interest in sitting . . . too stationary I guess. We’re always adding pictures to Instagram, but I miss this blog so I hope to be posting a little more often!