Bebel Gilberto

Yesterday Jenny and I went to Blue Note together with my collegue Joana, Mike, Sara and Patrick to see Bebel Gilberto. It became a very eventful night mainly because I made reservations for the day before by mistake and only found out ten minutes before we would leave in to the City. I called Blue Note and they said there was nothing they could do for me since I forgot to go the day before and the show was sold out. we decided to go anyway to see if with a little luck we still could get in. on the way in the city I felt so bad for letting my friends down. But when we arrived at Blue Note for one last try, fortunes finally were on my side. The hostess turned out to be a very nice lady and without too much begging put us on the reservations list of the 10:30 show that night. we just had to make sure we came early. So it ended well afterall and we were able to get in. The show was very nice although we all thought Bebel was not her best (definately not well dressed). It still was a beautifull performance. All in all a pretty nice night out.


not so budget car rental

Nina and Scott's wedding was really beautiful. It was so nice to see where she grew up and to meet more of their friends and family. Erik did great with the driving to CT. He got the hang of the automatic right away, although I kept moving his hand away from the stick, so that we wouldn't jump into reverse while we were on the highway. The only problem we ran into was when we arrived at the laGuardia Budget car rental and the lady wouldn't accept Erik's debit visa card as a major credit card, so we had to use my "major credit card", but since I am under 25 they wanted to charge us an additional $115 for an underage driver fee... even though I wasn't going to drive!!! I was furious and asked to talk with the manager... he helped us out a little bit by reducing the fee by half. Still sucked, but not as much. Let this be a warning to everyone under 25 with a credit card driving with someone overage with a debit card (all 2 maybe 3 of you)! ha

Had lunch today at Pete's tavern for the first leg of Keith's going away. It will be strange when he leaves since he was the only non-art director (a.k.a. "kid") left from when I started. So much has changed in two years and I hope that things will be changing for me too.


remember us?

So, I guess we won't pretned that we will ever be any good at keeping up our blog, but for today we'll try.

Tonight we attempted to watch BEING JULIA, but the darn Netflix DVD was busted. I think the world does not want us to see this movie. It was playing on our plane on the way to Amsterdam and I really wanted to see it, but the sleeping monster made me close my eyes. Some day I will see this movie, just not today.

I saw a coworker (not an immediate in-my-office coworker) on the G train for the second time today. I smiled, but did not say hello since I don't want to start one of those obligatory commuting small talk relationships. Is that horrible?

Tomorrow we are renting a car to drive to Nina and Scott's wedding in CT. This will be Erik's first time driving in the US. It is going to be quite the adventure.....



Ahhhh... it's the weekend. Although, I guess not technically since I am writing this from work. Marijke flies in this Sunday for a week. I can't wait to explore the city with someone who does not live here. It forces you to go to places other than home and work. We haven't seen her since July, so we are really looking forward to it.

This week we went to the Cy Twombly opening at the Whitney Museum. The work was ok, but the snacks and drinks were excellent. We were much more impressed with the ELlen Gallagher show on the first floor. Agnes invited us and she also brought her other assistant Christiana, who is from Holland and living here for a year. She and Erik had a great time speaking Dutch and comparing experiences and thoughts on living in NY. I had heard so much about, so it was great to finally meet.

CAT UPDATE: Max and Meisje are doing great. Only the night of the Whitney show we got home late and Max left us a present inside the bathtub. We have given him the alias "Dikkie Dik" (fatty fat) since they are practically twins.


16" !!!!

Let me see if I remember how to do this..... Ah yes, you type and you post. It is all coming back to me. I apologize to everyone that we have not been the best bloggers. We actually forgot our username and password and had to have it emailed.Pretty sad.

Well, everything has been great since our October post. We went to Texas for Chritmas and showed Erik "the real America". In January, he started his new job at McRoberts Mitchell (www.mcrobertsmitchell.com).

We were very busy last week printing the wedding invitation for Amke and Niels. We decided to print it on our Epson since the quality is so smooth and nice. It took a little longer than we had hoped, but they look great and we hope they will be very happy with them too. We also saved a lot of money printing it ourselves, but the shipping set us back again ($100). The saddest part with the shipping is that they can't guarantee it because they can never tell how long customs will take.

Today we hiked through the snow to Enid's for brunch. We were not the only ones with this idea. It was packed with all of Greenpoint (minus the Polish residents) and Williamsburg. Afterwards, we went out onto our deck to build a snowman. Unfortunately, the flakes were all powderly and pitiful snowman material. We instead assembled a large pile and jumped in it a few times. We also managed to create a "jaba-the-snow-man". As for the cats, only Max was brave enough to to step outside. He would step, lift a paw, shake it, and then step again. Very cute, like a little dance.