Caught this sweet moment of Ellis and Cedric blowing a few bubbles.

Meeting Mauro

Ellis and I were so excited to meet our newest family member: Mauro. What a cutie! Erik already had the pleasure of meeting Mauro in the Spring, but he couldn’t get over how much he has grown.


After London we flew over to Holland. What an easy flight and how nice it was to arrive at Schiphol awake and not jet-lagged. We spent two days in Deventer; enjoying time with Oma and Opa, riding bikes, playing in the garden and taking a trip into the center of town. Ellis loved riding on the bike. After our delicious lunch at the pancake house, we had the great surprise that the toy museum had roped off a large area in the town square for children to enjoy their toy collection. It was the perfect time to recharge our batteries, wash a few clothes and gear up for the exciting family weekend ahead.



London was great. It felt like New York’s older, more sophisticated and better smelling cousin. We covered a lot of ground during our few days there, mostly by foot but also on the underground and buses. While it was great to see the major attractions (Tate Modern, London Eye, V&A Museum, etc), my favorite moments were spent in the parks, watching Ellis run around, feeding the ducks and enjoying an ice cream. We were very fortunate to overlap with Josephine while in England and met up for the afternoon. The weather was perfect: 72 and sunny with a nice breeze, which made coming back to 95 degree heat in NYC quite a shock! There is still so much of London we hope to see, but we are saving it for another trip.


Oh, the places you’ll nap

We are freshly back from our two week trip to Europe but a little too jetlagged to put together a decent blog post about all of the wonderful places and people we saw! In honor of my tired state, here are a few photos of Ellis napping across London and Holland. Don’t think that she slept through all of the highlights. These are merely one (or two if we are very lucky) hour breaks in our twelve hour non-stop days. More awake photos to come this week.