ikea summer sale

Beautiful day outside today, but we are choosing to spend it inside (at ikea) sitting on couches and eating meatballs. I have never been to the summer sale before, and it is hard to imagine their stuff being even cheaper.

Right now the building next to us is being torn down to make way for a hideous (haven't seen plans, but I'm sure) 7 story condo. Why is everything a condo? The demolition has been interesting to watch...although right now the desk is shaking from their work. Not so cool.

I am very happy at my new job, but missing old job at the same time. Will post some new pictures later of all the things I've been up to.


First Day of New Job

Today I am starting my new job. Very exciting!! I was worried that I was going to be sick so I went home yesterday and slept 12 hours! It really seemed to do the trick because I feel 400% better today (aside from a few coughs and sniffles). I have pictures and stories from the last two weeks that I will post soon.


KY photos

1. Mom and Erik
2. Some local transportation
3. Carrie outside her adorable attic apt.
4. The Second Story Man show
5. Erik at Churchill Downs checking out a horse
6. Jenny figuring out how to ride a horse
7. The three of us in the car (jenny in rear view)

May 2nd: What a Day!

Yesterday was a day I am going to remember for a very long time. We woke up at 4am to drive the car back to the airport in Louisville and fly home. As soon as we were ready to leave it began pouring rain outside and I had to put the wipers on manic speed. The flight was fine and I took pleasure in finding my way around the tiny Louisville airport. When we approached NYC I saw a huge cloud of smoke just over Manhattan. Did I ever see this before? Must be a huge fire. Took the airtrain to Penn Station - I went right to work and Erik went home to check on the kitties. He called as he was walking over the Pulaski to see if I could go online and see where this fire was because from his angle it looked like it could be our street. Thank god it was not, but it wasn't very far off.

Work was going well, although I was a little distracted by the possibilty of good news I'll mention later. Around four there was some other shocking news related to a coworker. I don't want to write anything about it because I have since learned that this can be very tricky.

As for my good news... At the end of the day I was offered a job that I had applied for. Yeah! I will be very sad to leave where I am now since I work with such great people who are also close friends, but I am so excited about this new opportunity.

The other great news of the day: Josephine finished her first year of graduate school and Erin had her senior show opening at Cooper.

Who knew May 2nd would be this memorable?



Monday and we are still in KY. It has been a lot of fun although the weather has been mostly rainy. Saturday we went out with my fried Carrie to see her band play and then to a art opening/party at a local winery downtown. I ran into lots of friends I have not seen since high school and even middle school. Sometimes you think that people won't recognize you, but it is usually is not the case.

Yesterday we went down to Churchill Downs (where the Derby is held) and saw some horse races and visited their museum. It is amazing what a big deal the Derby is here. There are two weeks of festivities including: a marathon, a hot air balloon race, a bed race (complete with wheels and steering), fireworks show, and concerts. Our guide at the museum said "Hi, I'm going to be y'alls tour guide." Haven't heard y'alls in a while.

Today we had a heavenly Target experience. Since it was a weekday hardly anyone was there and we were free to look around at everything. I got a bathing suit and some sunblock and Erik got a cute grey suit. Target has suits now...amazing!