Bebel Gilberto

Yesterday Jenny and I went to Blue Note together with my collegue Joana, Mike, Sara and Patrick to see Bebel Gilberto. It became a very eventful night mainly because I made reservations for the day before by mistake and only found out ten minutes before we would leave in to the City. I called Blue Note and they said there was nothing they could do for me since I forgot to go the day before and the show was sold out. we decided to go anyway to see if with a little luck we still could get in. on the way in the city I felt so bad for letting my friends down. But when we arrived at Blue Note for one last try, fortunes finally were on my side. The hostess turned out to be a very nice lady and without too much begging put us on the reservations list of the 10:30 show that night. we just had to make sure we came early. So it ended well afterall and we were able to get in. The show was very nice although we all thought Bebel was not her best (definately not well dressed). It still was a beautifull performance. All in all a pretty nice night out.