Lots and a little

What have we been up to?

Enjoyed some relaxing meals with friends
Saw an interesting play and the movie Wanted
Went on a press okay to Maryland
Got caught in a few summer rainstorms
Booked a boat ride for our 4th wedding anniversary
Had wisdom teeth checked out, but not taken out
Saw a great exhibit at P.S. 1 but was not allowed to take pictures


1/2 past June

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dads we know! Yes, Erik is beyond excited about the European Cup soccer. On Friday he wore his orange jersey with pride. A guy in a Polish jersey even came up to congratulate him. The Polish community here is equally excited. This window display was pretty outrageous.

Saturday, we took a late afternoon trip to Jacob Riis beach in the Far Rockaways. it felt great to see the ocean and to not have to go into Manhattan to get there.

Erik took this...

funny series of photos.

EURO 2008

Wow, what a tournament so far. First we wiped out the Italians 3-0 on Monday. Then we played France on Friday. Jenny has half Fridays so she joined me watching the game at the Dutch soccer house (video shown here) in Time Square with hundreds of fellow Nederlanders. I was very nervous on Friday since the French are so good (I think they are better than the Italians...). But again we had an amazing game and totally destroyed them 4-1!!!!!
The game was played in Bern, Switzerland. The town was taken over by 80,000 Dutch fans and the Swiss loved it (probably?). Hopefully we'll make it to the finals on June 29th!!!


Somewhere over the . . .

RAINBOW! Yes, saw a rainbow last Saturday. It was gorgeous and such a nice surprise after that crazy downpour. I also randomly wore a matching outfit to Cafe Henri. Sunday brunch camouflage.

Happy Birthday to Josephine on June 2nd! We got to celebrate by getting together for dessert and seeing the amazing Sex and the City movie at BAM. It did not disappoint.

Rode bikes again last weekend. This time to Astoria Park. Hope we'll have enough time to explore on two wheels every weekend.