Long Island City

A trip outside will always soothe Ellis when she gets a little fussy. Sometimes it's hard to get everything together and get out of the house quickly, but it's always worth it when we do. Getting outside everyday has really helped me too. I can get a little stir crazy after too many hours inside.

Today we walked to Long Island City, enjoyed brunch at a new Latin restaurant and popped into P.S.1 to check out some art. We even discovered a great second hand children's clothing store in the area.

I love the piers and park along the waterfront and can't wait to enjoy it more next Spring when Ellis is older and the weather is warmer.


An unexpected date & 2 months of Ellis

This morning we took Ellis to the pediatrician for her 2 month well visit. I was excited to see how much she has grown, but nervous for her to get her first big round of vaccines. She's grown so much! Ellis now weighs 13 pounds 5 ounces and is 24" long. I guess that means she's two feet tall, but nobody ever says "tall" with infants since they aren't really standing. Ellis handled the shots really well, even though I was almost in tears to see her in pain.

We spent a relaxing afternoon at home after the doctor, then decided we needed to get out for a walk and possibly dinner. We wandered over to Williamsburg and ended up at the well recommend restaurant Walter Foods. It did not disappoint! Ellis slept in her stroller the entire time and half way through dinner we realized we were actually out on a date . . . babysitter or not. It was such a nice treat. We even splurged on some chocolate mousse cake for dessert.


Fall walks

We've had some pretty pleasant fall days this week. I've been trying to take advantage of the nice weather by taking long walks around the neighborhood. It's so great to not be in a hurry or to even have a real destination. The motion soothes Ellis and the exercise will hopefully take off the rest of my pregnancy weight. I feel good, but I would love to fit into all of my pants again so I don't have to buy new ones when I go back to work!

Ellis and her mobile

Marijke had sent us this beautiful wooden mobile before Ellis was born. It's always been hanging above her changing table, but a few days ago I decided to move it further down. What a difference! Ellis cannot stop staring and gives the sweetest smiles when I give it a spin. It's amazing to see her growing and discovering the world around her. I had just as much fun taking these photos.

A few other photos

Mommoms visit

Last week Mommmoms flew up from Florida to meet Ellis. It was really special to see the two of them together. We mostly took it easy around the house, playing with Ellis and watching some favorite shows on TV. Mommoms was introduced to Thai cuisine during her last visit and couldn't wait to have it again. I never need convincing! Her visit was short, but well worth the trip. Ellis is so lucky to have 6 great grandparents and I can't wait for her to meet the rest of them!


Ellis on the bed

Spent a few hours this week trying to get a photograph of Ellis smiling. I wasn't able to capture her full smile, but did manage to get a few other adorable expressions.


Our little pumpkin

Uncle Mike sent Ellis a very cute pumpkin outfit for Halloween. It fit her perfectly. We went to Central Park yesterday to see the changing leaves and had a little photo shoot.