Kentucky weekend

Made a very quick trip to see Mom and Mommoms in KY this weekend. Flew after work on Friday and flew back very early this morning (and still made it back to work). Mike was able to drive down from Chicago and join us too. We had thought this weekend would be filled with lots of relaxing, going to movies and spending hours outside. We were able to do some of that, but the big surprise was that we moved my Mom out of her apartment and into Mommom's house. We redid her old bedroom and stocked her up with supplies from Target. Wow...Target in the suburbs is amazing. It had everything and hardly any other shoppers on Sunday morning.


Extreme makeover Huron edition, part 2

The weather the last few days has been perfect. 70s during the day. The kind of weather where you want to be outside on the deck having dinner, or at least inside with the windows open. Sadly, we didn't get to do either of those things, since it is snowing styrofoam outside. The good news though is that the construction/renovation is going quickly, so we'll be making up for these lost days and nights in May.


Extreme makeover Huron edition

This little green building is going brown. Our landlord is renovating and replacing the mint colored siding with light brown/tan stucco. Demolition started this morning after we left for work. I quickly took a photo as I crossed the street. It was dark when we got home from work, so we could only see the scaffolding and the plywood. More photos to come of the progress.

Spring weekend outdoors

Saturday, my old friend Irina came into town with her friend Dave on their way from Boston to Delaware. We walked from Greenpoint to Williamsburg, took the train to Chinatown, walked to my work and then had a delicious dinner in Williamsburg at Wild Ginger. With our legs worn out and our stomachs full, we collapsed on the couch and watched "man push cart". A so-so film.

Sunday we went hiking with Edwin and Kathy in Hope, NJ . There's a state forest called "Jenny Jump" with about five, very well marked trails. While the weather was pretty warm, spring hadn't quote arrived in Hope. There were few buds on the trees, but it didn't really matter. The fresh air and soft ground were enough of a change for us city folk. It was a surprisingly easy trip out there too. After hiking, we stopped at Cliff's for some authentic NJ ice cream and floats.


Type Walking Tour and Mets

Have been meaning to post for days and days. Things have been pretty normal around here. We are enjoying the warmer (and longer) days. Planted a few things on the deck. One of my tulips from Christa has even grown! Last weekend we joined a walking tour of Long Island City and Greenpoint that focused on the typography of the area. The Thursday before that we went to a Mets game. Fourth row...from the top! I think I got a little dizzy from the lack of air, but it was free towel night. Amazing to see thousands and thousands of towels being twirled in the air.

Big technology news! We have succumbed to the temptation of HD and cable TV. Bought a 32" Samsung last week and having the cable installed this Wednesday. It will be nice to not have to adjust the antenna all of the time and to be able to record shows we miss on a DVR.


Taxes, Soccer, etc

April 15th is looming. On Saturday we had an appointment with our accountant. Not as bad as we expected. We spent most of Friday adding up all of our receipts and making lists. For dinner Saturday we went to Delta (a New Orleans restaurant) with Henry, David, Simone, Matthew and the almost 1-year old Sophie. Great to catch up with everyone. Then it was off to NJ for the NY Red Bulls Season opener. My first official soccer game. The won two to zero. They even gave away free t-shirts and scarves! I guess they are really hoping the sport will finally catch on in the US.

Last week I went with Sara to see The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. An incredible, touching film. I highly recommend it.

The first two pics are from a restaurant Erik and I tried last Thursday for lunch. I can't remember the name of the place, but it had a very memorable mirror.