Cold & Colds

January has been full of surprises. There has not been a single “normal” week. Between snow storms, pink eye, and an ear infection, Erik and I have juggled working days from home while tending either to Leo's fever or Ellis's cabin fever. After all of the build up and excitement of the holidays, January can feel so long! I’m so tired of winter. One bright spot of the week was leaving work one evening and noticing that it was not yet dark. Longer days are on their way!

Christmas break

Happy New Year! Seeing that it's nearly February reminded me that I am way overdue to download our December pictures. We had a wonderful visit with Rein and Christa in NY over the holidays and a fun week off of work. For the first time since we've lived in NYC, we bought a Christmas tree that was over 6 ft tall. It was squeezed into a corner of our living room and bare of ornaments on the bottom where Leo could reach, but it was still very special. Ellis was so excited about Santa this year. She kept asking questions about how he would make it down our non-functioning fireplace.