“Wow, that’s soon”

I can’t believe how close September 18th seems! For the past few weeks, when I’ve told people my due date they’ve said things like “Wow, that’s soon” and “That’s just around the corner”. We are incredibly excited, but I feel like there’s still so much to prepare at home and at work. I guess you can never be truly prepared for such a life-changing event and that everything will work itself out. I am relieved to be feeling pretty good...just a little slower and a lot bigger! I’ve also started having some of that late pregnancy fatigue I read all about and treated myself to a long nap after dinner. I never get tired of feeling the baby kick though! She even gets the hiccups now, just like her Mom. Max seems very relaxed about her arrival.


Cape Cod

Last weekend we traveled up to Cape Cod with Josephine. We've wanted to visit her family for years and it was great to be able to combine that with meeting up with Rein and Christa while they were on their road trip as well. Josephine showed us all of the great local spots and her family prepared a delicious outdoor brunch on our last day.

Rein and Christa: Highline, MoMa & NJ

We've had a busy past few weeks. Rein and Christa flew in on the 14th and we spent a fun week in NYC with them. We explored the newly opened Highline and some great exhibits at the Moma, ate some tasty meals and did a little shopping. We even crossed state lines for a Bastille Day Party with Sara's family!


5 Years Married!

Well...it's 5 days early, but on the 17th Erik and I will officially be married 5 years! We celebrated this weekend by treating ourselves to a night at the Hudson Hotel in Manhattan and a boat ride in Central Park. The hotel has a beautiful roof deck and we were able to snag their one hammock this morning for a little relaxing. We even ordered room service for breakfast, which I am normally way too cheap to ever do. I guess we figured it might be a while before we spoil ourselves again!


We had a wonderful trip to Austin last week. Spent some quality time with the family and celebrated Mommom's 80th Birthday. Temperatures were above 100 degrees, but we were able to stay cool in the pool.


Surprise Baby Shower

The Sunday before last Josephine and Sara surprised me with a wonderful baby shower. I was actually surprised since I thought we were going over to Josephine's to make plans about the future baby shower! I had assumed the shower would be in July or August. It was really nice to see so many friends and to celebrate our daughter's future arrival. Henry took these lovely photos of the day. We can't thank everyone enough for such a special time.