Max and Meisje Muses

Tonight we went to a party for the Bridgeman Art Library, a fine arts stock house based in England. The party took place in the Museum of Sex...certainly a funny location for small talk. Part of the exhibition included slide shows of works of art from the library's collection. It was a pretty quick slide show, but Erik and I couldn't help but notice this amazing painting. Who knew Max and Meisje were posing on the side?


Toronto Weekend

Last weekend we had the wonderful chance to take a little trip up to Toronto to visit Edwin while he was visiting his home town. It was a short flight and a jam packed, fun filled weekend. Saw a lot of the city on foot and from up above (in the CN tower). It was great to be shown around be a native and fascinating to be in Canada, where they were also on the eve of Thanksgiving and elections. The weather really couldn't have been nicer. We all took lots of photos and here are just a few...


Emma singing

My cousin Nicki's daughter Emma has a favorite song and she knows all of the words...more or less.

midwest wedding

Last weekend we flew to Chicago then drove with Mike to our cousin Chris's wedding in Des Moines, Iowa. It was a lot of traveling for one weekend, but worth it to see everyone. The wedding was a lot of fun. We also got to see Mike's new apartment and drive his new car. And we stopped for gas in Brooklyn...Iowa!