Aruba Pics (nikon)

These pictures were taken with our nikon camera. It's amazing to see the difference in color and quality between the two cameras...like two separate vacations!


Back from Aruba

It was amazing. The most vacationist vacation we've ever been on. Lots of swimming, floating in the ocean, sailing, eating (and drinking pretty colored cocktails), gorgeous sunsets, all that good stuff. The island was the perfect mix of Dutch, American and Carribean cultures. Many, many pictures to post. Just need to spend a few minutes with the kitties and then I can start editing.. It's always funny how different your apartment can feel after being gone for a few days.


Another Monday

Happy Belated Birthday Niels!!! Rein posted some adorable pictures of the family and Cedric at Niels's party. Looks like it was a lot of fun. Wish we could have been there.

There was a heat wave here this weekend. It felt like July outside. We leave for Aruba Friday! Got the suitcase out and will start packing tonight, To pack: swin suit, sunscreen and a book! And an unbrella because the forecast looks like rain!

Some new neighborhood pics. Look like someone took a bite out of the Market sign.


New Amsterdam

Guess what TV show is filming on our street today? Something called NEW AMSTERDAM! Here's the description from FOX:

"New York City homicide detective John Amsterdam is cursed with immortality because he stopped the murder of a Native Indian girl in 1642 by stepping in front of a sword. Due to this act of kindness, the Indian girl rescued Amsterdam from the stab wound by making him immortal, but warns that it is a curse that will only be lifted when John meets his true love.
Now, Amsterdam is a homicide detective in the Big Apple where he shares his secret with Omar, a blues club owner with a few secrets of his own. John is partnered up with Eva Marquez and gets into a chase with a suspect. When he suffers what appears to be a heart attack and is revived by ER doctor Sara Dillane, he realizes that mortality may be closer then he thought."

Hmmm...not sure what I think of the premise, but we'll check it out to see if our little green building makes it as an extra.

Love this Page Six ad as well! Not sure if Page Six is known outside of NYC or not?