Weekend Rundown

Lovely weekend! Saw lots of friends, went to a Mets game (they won too!), The Cooper Hewitt Museum, Central Park, and Astoria. We were outside for most of the weekend, so I finally feel like this is one Spring that is not going to pass me by. Usually, I see the first blooms on the trees and before you know it it's 90 degrees. Having a picnic in Central Park under the cherry blossoms was a perfect way to celebrate the season. The kitties made it out on the deck to enjoy the weather too. And one of my favorite perennials came back again this year. I've had this seedum (I think that's the name) since 2000 and it came from the greenhouse I use to work at in Louisville. I've managed to drag it around to all of my old apartments.

1. View from the New School New Office
2. Max on the deck
3. Meisje on the deck
4. My Louisvile Perennial
5. Erik in his new Mets hat
6. Cara's Astoria Building "Princess Rita" A castle!
7. After party in Greenpoint
8. Cooper Hewitt Museum
9. Jenny on the Upper East Side
10. Blossoms
11. Our feet near the Central Park Pond
12. Central Park Poochie
13. Gaseteria...always makes me laugh
14. Long Island City. Fitting for last week.


Thursday stuff

Sitting at home. Can hardly believe another week has already flown by. Just spent over an hour browsing through myspace. it always happens that you find one friend from high school and then they are linked with all of these other people from high school that you sort of remember, but it's hard to tell if it's them after eight years. And then you add these people as your friends even though you may never see or speak with them again. Myspace is a funny place.

Check out the photos of the construction next door. It's finally going up. Hard to tell what it will look like. It would be a great thing if the city required renderings to be posted on the outside of all constructions sites. I gues we'll be surprised.

And it looks like I have some competition at home from the other photos.


Broadway Photos

Epic Broadway Walk

Yesterday, Kathy H., Erik and I walked the entire length of Manhattan along Broadway. We started around 11:30am and ended around 8pm. We made a few stops along the way and walked 13 miles in all by the end of the day. We were limping on the final stretch from City Hall to Battery Park, but it was totally worth it. Henry joined us at Union Square and showed us the very quaint Stone Street downtown. I took lots of photos and will post them later.

Double Congratulations!

Very exciting news! Simone and David gave birth to a lovely baby girl on Friday. I saw some pictures from Henry and she looks just adorable. Can't wait to meet her.

And more exciting news! Josephine was awarded a one year grant to paint/study in Paris. She's graduating from Columbia next month and now has this really exciting opportunity to look forward to. Can't wait to visit her there too!


Blades of Glory

Saw this hilarious film with Aaron and Caitlin yesterday. It was better than expected. I love how Will Ferrell is tackling every 2nd rate sport in his movies. What will he do next? Before the movie they showed us a neat bar on 75th Street that has a great beer selection and a lot of candy, a surprisingly good combination.

Can't believe it is already Friday. Woohoo


Easter in Florida

Home again. Had a great time despite the rain at the beach. The trip had a fantastic start. When we first arrived at LGA our boarding passes didn't have seats and then we were assigned seats in the very back, the last two together. That was fine with us. Then, the very nice American Airlines guy said that a family wanted to sit together and that he could put us in first class...but not together. We were sold. Even better, when we got on the plane the guy sitting next to Erik offered to move so we could sit together. We ended up in the first row of first class and man was that the fanciest, best tasting bowl of Speical K I've ever had.
We spent Friday until Monday morning in Lake Panasoffkee, playing dominoes, eating all kinds of salads without lettuce, doing fun Easter stuff, and meeting some really nice 2nd (or 3rd?) cousins. Monday afternoon we drove to St.Pete Beach. it started to rain and poured until we checked into the hotel. The rain stopped for a few hours and we were able to walk on the beach and take a swim in the heated pool. At one point Mommoms sang a duet of "Proud Mary" in the bar with the hotel singer. The pack of ladies we dubbed "Moms Gone Wild" all screamed and applauded for her.
Arrived home late Tuesday night.


Long time, no post

Tomorrow we are off to sunny Florida to visit Mommoms and her sisters for Easter. I'm bringing the laptop, so hopefully I can find an internet spot and post a few photos,