Not quite winter

I can’t really complain about this mild weather we’ve been having. We spent most of Saturday outside. Ellis got a new doll stroller and walked for blocks and blocks with it. She did stop to point out the graffiti playing peek-a-boo though.


Table for Three: No. 7 Sub

Inspired by Sara and Ron’s great dining/food blog and the fact that we are constantly reading about amazing restaurants opening in Greenpoint and Williamsburg, Erik and I made a resolution to try and eat at a new (to us) restaurant every week and write about it here. I am not a food writer by any means, so these post will mostly rate each place on the food, atmosphere, toddler-friendliness and whether or not we plan to go back. Not every place loves an active two year old, so we plan on trying restaurants for either early brunch or early dinner.

Our first restaurant was new to us and very new to Greenpoint: No.7 Sub opened just last week and serves really creative sandwiches. Erik had the BBQ and I had the General Tso Tofu. The ingredients were fresh and the flavors were surprising. There was a lot of space for Ellis to run around and a great booth table near the window for people watching. I forgot to take pictures of our food and the space, so I found a few online. I liked that their menu was on the small side. It was a little strange to have a sandwich for dinner instead of lunch, but they plan to expand their hours soon. I think we’ll go back since it’s only two blocks away and I’m curious about the broccoli sandwich.



The first snow of the year came last Saturday. Ellis was so excited to get on all of her gear and make a few snow balls. I hope we’ll have the chance to take her sledding later this winter!

Last week Mike stopped by when he was in NY for work. His visit was super brief (about an hour) and his drive to our place was twice as long, but it was so great to see him and hear all about his new job.


Happy Belated New Year

I am not even used to writing out 2012 and one month has nearly flown by. I am excited we are that much closer to Spring though. We rang in the New Year with Isabelle and Nick on the 38th floor on 42nd Street, close to Times Square but a world away from the crowds. Ellis and Clara were so sweet...dancing, sharing snacks and falling asleep before midnight together.

For my birthday Edwin treated our family to a photo shoot! This was the first time the five of us have been captured together. Max and Meisje were not that into sitting still, but Ellis had a ball.