royal blue out (not exactly black)

Tuesday we awoke to a very strange electrical situation in our apartment. Half of the lights/outlets worked while the other half didn't. Switch on, switch off, nothing seemed to work. It turns out that good ol' Con Edison was doing some work on the street and messed with a main wire into 151 Huron. It reminds me of the Con Ed billboard I once saw that said "On It" and someone had scrawled above it "Don't Depend". Makes me laugh every time I think about it.

For all of the Smallville fans Wednesday was a very important night. Season premier. yeah! It looks like it is back to the weekly thrill of a new episode.

On a happy note... Early congratulations to Keith and Danielle on their upcoming wedding!

On a sad note...The Dutch singer Andre Hazes passed away today at a young 53 years. Here is his website: http://www.andrehazes.nl


weekend update

Great news. Erik has inherited a bike! It is a 10 speed from the 80s. Now all he needs is a helmet and a lock to get going around new york just like he was in amsterdam. Friday evening we went to JAVA Indonesian Rijstafel (park slope) for another amsterdam-esque experience. The rijstafel consists of 12 little dishes (some sweet, some spicy... all delicious) and of course, fried banana. While we were there we had a discussion about the dutch colonies and how in the world such a tiny country had so much power at one point.

Saturday we braved the rain and trekked 10 minutes over the polaski bridge (exiting polish greenpoint) to PS1. Erik and Josephine had never been there and I was less impressed with their current exhibitions than the other ones I had seen. And sadly, the gift shop is not up to par with other museums.The space is amazing though and the work is always different.

On to cat news... Meisje (our girl cat who we thought was spayed) is now in heat. She keeps making this deep throught purr/meow sound and is rubbing up to everything and sticking her goods up in the air for anyone to check out. I read somewhere that outside male cats can go so crazy over a female's scent that they might tear though window screens to get to her. Let's hope we don't have any suitors dropping by for Meisje.

P.S. Why does Easter have to be on a Sunday when there are plenty of other good working days to miss?


technical difficulties

our internet is down at home (thanks to frances or ivan or whatever hurricane that came up to NY and left a bunch a rain) so I am blogging from work (during my lunch break of course). friday night we had dinner with Almitra at duMont, a lovely little place that serves up "duMac and cheese" and then it was off to the Brooklyn brewery for some super cheap beer. We sat on piled up bags of grain from Belgium. trippy. What other bar has furniture that is eventually made into your beverage?

Saturday we house hunted, well hotel hunted for Rein and Christa. We went to a strange rental suites office where the girl told us that her former boss had been arrested a bunch of times and that a terrorist had tried to stay there during the RCN. Man... she was really selling it! Needless to say, we picked the washington square hotel.


round 2

here is the (hopefully) official start of our blog. We are going to try and keep a record of what is going at 151 Huron and NY from now on so we can stay in touch with every body a bit more. We hope to put some pictures on the site soon. But for now it's just going to be some text. We are finally settling in at Huron and our work. We also got two cats Max and Meisje, who are still adjusting to their new home. Max went to the vet today and rode 70 blocks with the 2nd ave bus. A cat sitter even gave her card, after remarking what a nice cat he was.

Write more later. Doei