Easter Tornado

Our plan to visit family in Alton was ruined when a tornado hit the St.Louis Airport Friday night. We were really looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting my cousins’ toddler sons Max and Will. Since we couldn’t get a clear answer as to when the airport might reopen, we decided to reschedule. Traveling with Ellis and all of her stuff makes delayed flights and rebooking all the more complicated.

We tried to make the best of our unexpected Easter in NYC with a visit to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden on Sunday. The forecast called for rain all day, but we saw there was a dry window before noon. We dressed up, packed the rain gear and headed out. Boy were the weathermen wrong on this one! It turned out to be a gorgeous summer like day. The sun felt great. It was even so sunny that we ended up using our umbrella for shade and buying Ellis a hat at the gift shop.


Early Easter

Ellis participated in her first Easter Egg Hunt this morning. She did a great job spotting the eggs and putting them into her basket. She loves to share though so her eggs quickly made their way into friends’ baskets. I will tell her this story when she is a candy obsessed five year old and she won’t believe me! Here are a few other pictures from our indoor adventures as well.


Little Pink Coat

We found the little pink coat Ellis has worn almost everyday for the last five months at Clementine Consignment. It is so soft and light and the zipper is very gentle on little hands and skin. When we were at the Central Park Zoo last month, a mother came up to me asking if we had bought her coat at Clementine. She went on to tell us, in her lovely Italian accent, that it was from Italy and her daughter loved wearing it and would be selling another larger coat soon. What are the chances of such a sighting in a city of 8 million? The coat is made by iani mini.


Spring adventures

It’s been a busy few weeks here on Huron Street, mostly with work and freelance. Ellis has been busy as well, making us laugh, testing her boundaries and running around everywhere in her favorite “sshooz” (usually her pink snow boots). The past few weekends were spent strolling around the neighborhood, playing in parks, visiting the flowers we planted last fall, and enjoying our first outdoor brunch of the season. We especially enjoyed the newly opened Williamsburg waterfront pier next to the Brooklyn Flea. I thought Ellis might be ready for a little potty training since she was announcing her need to poop with a trip to the bathroom. Of course, as you can see, after attempts at demonstration, she has no idea what to do with her little seat. We’ll take a break for a while and revisit with a mini potty instead.

The first photos are from the garden of Ellis’s home daycare. Before heading home yesterday, she couldn’t resist a little time on the couch with her friends Max and Lulu. I love that she has so much space to run around in the garden and the playroom and it’s nice to have a more positive feeling about the building that took away our Empire State view! I only wish I could take a dip in their pool. It’s hard to walk past it everyday and not want to grab my swimsuit.