Square Footage

Today we took a little trip to Long Island City and checked out some open houses for new condos. We, of course, can't afford these, but it is always fun to take a peak and do a little research. The 5SL condos had nice finishes, an easy commute, a gym, etc. While we are very happy on Huron Street, we know we will outgrow our first home eventually. Hearing about the square footage of the condos had us wondering about how big our little place is. Got out the measuring tape and pushed some furniture aside. Casa de Huron, it turns out, is 560 sq. ft with an extra 170 sq. ft for the deck. Small, but not tiny. Not sure what I thought it would be, but glad we took the time to find out.



It took an over time field goal but they made it !!!

As you can see the cats are also really exited about it :-)


slippery salmon

One of my new year's resolutions is to cook more at home. I had picked out a recipe tonight for ginger soy salmon and bought all of the ingredients at Whole Foods on my way home. Everything was going really well until I checked to see if the salmon was fully cooked. I pulled the tray out of the oven with one hand. I guess the angle was a little off (it was a big tray) because the slippery salmon steaks slid right back into the oven, all over the wire rack, the bottom of the oven and the floor. Yikes! What a smoky, stinky mess. Thankfully, there was not a fire and because of the incredibly warm weather here today, we were able to keep the door and windows open a few hours to clear the air. Our salmon dinner turned into thai takeout...chicken pad thai with spring rolls. Try making that at home!

Vrielinks & friends in town

From the 28th until the 3rd, Christa and Rein visited us in NYC. We celebrated a belated Xmas, checked out Dia:Beacon, saw two movies and rang in the new year on the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a really fun trip. Dai:Beacon is an incredible art museum. The space is an old box printing factory. You can still see the ink stains on the wooden floors. They have a few Richard Serra sculptures there and I was amazed to find out how inspired and terrified I was to walk through them.

The holidays also brought Josephine, Isabelle and Nick back into town. It was really great to catch up with all of them in person and nice to hear all of their stories from Seattle and Paris.


First Post of 2008

Happy New Year! Here's hoping this year will be as fun-filled and interesting as the last.

Happy Birthday Uncle David too!