Happy Birthday Christa!

Wishing Erik's Mom a wonderful birthday!



Julian! Such a great name. Rein took these sweet photos on his first day, September 7th, which is coincidentally also Grandparents Day this year in the US.


Exciting news!

Just found out our second nephew was born today! More details to come, but everything went really well for Amke and Niels. We couldn't be happier for them and can't wait to meet the little guy in December.

In other exciting (but less life changing) news...Erik passed his US driver's test and I taught my first 2DD class at Cooper on Friday.

And to top it off, Heineken decided to send us a message while we were eating lunch on our deck. We knew what they were spelling after the H E I N flew by. I love sky writing.


Block Island, RI

For an end of summer finale, we were very lucky to spend the long weekend out on Block Island. Such a beautiful place. I can see why our friends have been going out there for years. Look at those colors!

August updates

We had a wonderful August. Spent lots of time with friends and family. Marijke and her friend Krista visited us for 10 days. We made it up to the Top of the Rock, out to Long Beach, and over to Red Hook to visit Josephine's new studio. Went to see the hilarious movie Vicky Christina Barcelona and had lots of tasty meals on the deck.