Welcome Fall

Ahhh..such nice weather this time of year. We got the duvet out a little early and have been sleeping on top of it, but I think finally we can leave the windows open and enjoy the nice breeze.

Haven't blogged in a long time, but now that summer's over it's back to business! We're getting ready for Isabelle and Nick's wedding the weekend after this in Baltimore. I am all set with my brides maid dress and we've been learning a little 2-step.

So sad about bagged killer spinach. That was probably the only vegetable I ate at home and it was so easy! I use to put it in (or on the side of) everything. Hopefully they'll put it back on the shelves soon and it can redeem itself.

The grocery store closest to our house, C-Town, is undergoing a renovation in attempt to seem healthier. They've hung up renderings that call everything "farm fresh"... what a joke. By farm I think they mean the nabisco/coke/goya/lays factory.

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Simone said...

We're missing the spinach too! David makes it a lot in a super hot pan w/ olive oil and tons of garlic. So quick, easy and good for us.

Damn e-coli.