This has turned out to be a busy and exciting month. We went to Baltimore earlier this month for Nick and Isabelle's wedding...which was a blast, we had Louise visiting from Amsterdam, we worked a bunch, ate Polish food, celebrated Sara's birthday, went pumpkin and apple picking upstate, and settled into our winter coats. Erik even bought a new winter coat.

Even more exciting is certain baby news! Both Erik's sister Amke and her husband Niels and our friends Simone and David are expecting babies. Congratulations! We are so happy for everyone and can't wait to be Oom and Tante :)


Reinder Vrielink said...

Nice to see and read what you are doing. Please go on doing so. I started my own blog too! http://www.rvrielink.blogspot.com
See you in Holland.


Simone said...

I love Fall! Sounds like yours has been chock full of fun stuff so far.