MoMa, Love, Paint, etc.

Ended up at the MoMa on Sunday. Haven't been there in months. Signed up to become members so we'll go more often, get discounts at the store (might be dangerous), and be able to see films there for free. The shows up now are great. The Seurat drawings were such a treat. Incredible to see what he could do with just tone, no lines! And his sketchbooks from the 1800s were amazing.

Inspired by the art, we came home and got out the paints. Made this portrait of Meisje. To get me into the holiday spirit, I painted this wrapping paper last night too. Now on to finding gifts! Or making them if I am really diligent.

I know Friday will be a big shopping day, but I was shocked to see a commercial on TV that Kohl's is opening at 4am. What? Who wants to shop at that hour? I guess if you pass out from that sleepy Turkey chemical at 5pm, you could sleep for 10 hours, wake up at 3am and get to Kohl's just in time...yeah right.

We will actually be waking up at 4am tomorrow in order to catch our morning flight to St.Louis out of Newark.

Since my office moved yesterday, I was basically given an extra day and a half of vacation. Enjoyed walking around Greenpoint in the afternoon (saw this funny waxing sign). Took some pictures of the office before leaving. I am going to miss all of the vintage mismatched filing cabinets that lined the 10th floor hallway. These reminded me daily of the company's rich history. When I came home and opened the mailbox, I was delighted to see the latest Budget Travel with a cover story on a trip to Paris and Amsterdam. The same trip we hope to take next year!

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