Almost Valentine's

Still no real snow in NYC. How is it that some funny named county upstate gets 144" and we get nada? Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow and be proven wrong.
Some new pictures to post. Despite the cold weather we've managed to see two plays, eat at two fancy places during restaurant week, lose a super bowl pool (but enjoy a fun party), and do some work on the side. It's funny that we seem to be really busy, but when someone asks me what I've been up to lately I always go blank. Erik has been enjoying the new season of 24 on TV. There are so many twists and turns...now there are new family members involved too.
Last Sunday, we played a little scrabble at home (see photo of Max joining the game) and suddenly we see around 40 seagulls outside our kitchen window. Apparently the next door neighbors were on their roof feeding them...and the birds told all of their friends. It was really a beautiful sight. I know we aren't far from the water, but we usually only see pigeons flying around.

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