Weekend Rundown

Lovely weekend! Saw lots of friends, went to a Mets game (they won too!), The Cooper Hewitt Museum, Central Park, and Astoria. We were outside for most of the weekend, so I finally feel like this is one Spring that is not going to pass me by. Usually, I see the first blooms on the trees and before you know it it's 90 degrees. Having a picnic in Central Park under the cherry blossoms was a perfect way to celebrate the season. The kitties made it out on the deck to enjoy the weather too. And one of my favorite perennials came back again this year. I've had this seedum (I think that's the name) since 2000 and it came from the greenhouse I use to work at in Louisville. I've managed to drag it around to all of my old apartments.

1. View from the New School New Office
2. Max on the deck
3. Meisje on the deck
4. My Louisvile Perennial
5. Erik in his new Mets hat
6. Cara's Astoria Building "Princess Rita" A castle!
7. After party in Greenpoint
8. Cooper Hewitt Museum
9. Jenny on the Upper East Side
10. Blossoms
11. Our feet near the Central Park Pond
12. Central Park Poochie
13. Gaseteria...always makes me laugh
14. Long Island City. Fitting for last week.

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