Oma's 80th Birthday in Holland

Last weekend I flew to Holland to celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday. The family organized a weekend on a farm somewhere in the middle of Holland. It was great to see the whole family together. Unfortunately Jenny was not able to go.
On Saturday we all made cheese. I had never done that before and was surprised how easy it was. I have not tasted it yet since it needs to sit for a few weeks before you can eat it. Surprisingly enough the biggest hit that weekend was Sjoelen, an old fashioned shuffle board game many of us had not played in years. My uncle Dennis ended up with the high score of 126 beating his wife Wanda by one point just before we left. On Monday I flew back to New York. Slightly jet-lagged but really happy I went.

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isabelle said...

What a beautiful place! I love the shot of the looooong table. Did everyone fit or did the kids get banished to another short table?