38 weeks

Time is flying! Our sonogram went really well. She's in the right position for birth and is measuring in the 50th percentile (not too big, not too small). They guessed she'll be about an 8 lb. baby. We met with our doula this week and talked about preferences for labor and what we can expect from her during the process. She is really nice and I think she will bring us a lot of support when the time comes.

I am starting to feel huge! I was a little disappointed that I've gained more weight than I was hoping to, but I feel healthy and energetic and am not going to let it get me down. Erik has also been wonderful at comforting and encouraging me throughout these months.

My due date is September 18th, but I can't help but think that because Mike and I were born 10 and 11 days early, that it might be the same for our little girl. Tomorrow is Labor Day after all! I just really hope she doesn't wait until early October to make an appearance!

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Simone said...

Love the photos. Next photo=baby? : )