5 weeks

This was probably our busiest week yet. I made it out to the new Moms group in the neighborhood on Tuesday. There were about 10 other Moms there and it was so great to talk with everyone and see all of the adorable babies. Ellis was on her best behavior. We had a few gorgeous fall days this week and it was so nice to take a few walks and introduce Ellis to the park. That same morning I took Ellis for her one month pediatrician appointment. She's gained 2 pounds in her first month and is putting on some very cute baby fat in her legs, arms and face. Even her fingers are a little rounder!

On Wednesday, we ventured up to the Upper West Side to visit Simone and Sophie. Simone is going to give birth any moment now and I really wanted to visit before the big day. Sophie is going to be a great big sister. Watching Sophie play in Central Park makes me really excited for when Ellis will be an adorable and active two and a half year old. After that I met up with another mom in Greenpoint for a beer. It was my first beer in months and it tasted so good!

On Thursday, I had a follow up appointment with the breast doctor. The week before she had done a needle aspiration (sounds more painful than it is) to help with my clogged milk ducts. Things are looking better and despite the setbacks with breastfeeding, I am relieved that Ellis has been a great eater and that I haven't thrown in the towel...or the boob! After the doctor, Erik and I took Ellis to our offices to meet Paul, Alison and my FSG family. It was surreal to be back in the office after a month. Thankfully it made me excited about designing again when I return in January. Hopefully loving my job will make those first weeks away from Ellis a little easier. That night we went out for our first dinner at a restaurant. We're learning that going on off nights or a little earlier will be the easiest with a baby.

On Friday, Marijke and I went to Dumbo to visit Josephine in her new studio. What an amazing space and view! Then it was into the city for a little shopping and Sara and Kari's birthday party. Everyone was so excited to meet Ellis and I was so excited to catch up with friends and have a night out!

On Saturday, we had a nice last brunch at home with Marijke, said goodbye and went into the city to meet up with the families from our childbirth classes. It was so neat to meet all of the little ones and to share stories with the other parents. We even managed to do a little photo shoot on the bed. The "baby orgy" (as one Dad called it) was one of the most hilarious and fascinating things I have ever seen.


Jabien said...

It was good to see you guys at Sara abd Kari's Birthday! Ellis is really cute and since it was so noisy that night well...to me Ellis sounded very quiet :o)

Jenny + Erik said...

Hi Fabien! She was amazingly quiet at the party. I think she must be soothed by background conversation. It was great to see you guys too!