A little sick

Poor Ellis was sick all morning. After twelve hours of sleep last night, she woke up very hungry and I was feeling just as eager to feed her. After some frantic nursing, she threw everything up. This was a first and I chalked it up to her feeding too quickly. Sadly, she got sick four more times this morning. Not sure if it was the lentils she ate last night or phlegm left over from her cold.

I guess we were spoiled for the first six months with Ellis because she was never sick. No fevers or colds, no vomiting or upset stomach. It seems that in the past few weeks the passive immunity she received from me via pregnancy and nursing has worn off. She’s now working on building up her own immune system.

I like to call mornings like these the “other firsts”. They are not as celebrated as the first time she rolled over or sat up, but they are still important milestones both for Ellis’s increasing immunity and our growth as parents. Thankfully, after an early afternoon nap, Ellis seemed more like her old self and we were able to leave the house and enjoy a delicious brunch with Sara and Ron in Greenpoint. I was very happy to catch up with them and even happier that we made it through brunch with Ellis in the same outfit!

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