8 months

I am sure I will say this every month, but I can’t believe another one has passed. Ellis is now 8 months and it is amazing to see how much she changes every week. She is really loving food now, especially vegetables and avocados. I borrowed a Baby Cook from a very generous neighborhood Mom friend and I’ve gone puree mad. This morning Ellis had mixed berries with oatmeal. It was all over her face and she’s figured out how to use her tongue to lick it off her chin if I am not fast enough with the spoon. This month, I hope to introduce more solid and finger foods, as well as some dairy and possibly meat.

Ellis has realized that she can peak into our bedroom if she pulls down on her crib bumper. Erik is greeted with this adorable sight every morning.

I took Ellis into the pool for swimming class today. It was some serious exercise!


Fabien said...

Great pictures! And I think baby swimming class are awesome! I think we'll try to do it to with baby Janus when the time comes!

Simone said...

Gorgeous photos. I'm looking for a swim class for Sophie for this summer. Very exciting!