Typical evening

Ellis loves avocado and tonight she also loved how it felt between her fingers, behind her ears and all over the table. Erik and I love watching her discover new textures and tastes. She only wants to feed herself these days. This means no more purees. Over the weekend she tried french toast and veggie burger. Her reaction was mixed, so I went back to some of her favorites for dinner: avocado, blueberries and watermelon. At almost 11 months, there are very few foods still off limits. It’s up to us to keep introducing them.

After dinner, Ellis went straight into the bath. She only wanted to stand up in the tub, which made scrubbing her down surprisingly easy.


Fabien said...

Wow! Looks like Ellis REALLY likes guacamole!!! And it seems like the bath had to happened after that kind of meal ;-)
Is she walking yet?

Jenny + Erik + Ellis said...

I am amazed how much she likes avocado, especially since I wasn't introduced to it until college (sad culinary upbringing I suppose...) No walking yet, but she is standing and beginning to cruise to the side or push things forward. My guess would be at least another two months, but she might surprise us for her birthday.