Father’s Day Weekend

We had two fun-filled adventurous days last weekend. On Saturday, we took the new East River Ferry from Greenpoint (yes, Greenpoint finally has a pier) to Manhattan and the walked down to Madison Square Park for a visit to the playground and Shake Shack, further down to Union Square for errands and then back uptown to Central Park for a picnic/playdate with David, Simone, Sophie and Roman. On our way down we passed NYU Hospital where Ellis was born. I made Erik take a photo since we hadn’t been back there since her birth. I remembered how we had taken pictures on that same bench before we headed home with our new baby. It was Ellis’s first time outside and her first breaths of outside air. Ellis was so tiny and I was so puffy...look at my feet! Isabelle and Nick where also there on that day with a 3 month baby Clara embryo.

After our epic Manhattan day, I headed home and Erik headed to LaGuardia to pick up a rental car for our Father’s Day trip up to Rhinebeck, NY. We were going to visit Isabelle and her family and to see the great sculpture show Eva and Andy curated at Wilderstein. The drive was scenic, the weather was lovely and the fresh air was much needed. Clara has grown so much since our last visit.

On Wednesday we fly off to Europe for two whole weeks! This will be our longest trip in years. Really looking forward to finally meeting Mauro, seeing family and friends, exploring London, and watching Ellis play with her cousins. Now, if only the magical packing fairy would show up!

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Fabien said...

That first picture is a great one of the three of you! I see that one of Ellis favorite things to do is to go ride on Mommy's or Daddy's shoulders :)
Enjoy your trip in Europe.