Happy 2nd Birthday Ellis!

Can’t believe Ellis is now 2! Erik and I took off of work today to celebrate with her. We spent the morning at the adorable art/cafe/playspace Moomah in Tribeca. Ellis painted a little canvas and had a blast in their “funky forest” room. Mostly she was in complete awe of two four year old girls and tried to copy everything they were doing. So sweet to see her try and jump (or “shump” as Ellis says). She’s still working on the mechanics for shumping!

She is saying so much these days; a lot of two and three word sentences and some intense babble conversations. I love the surprise of not knowing which words she will pick up next. Really looking forward to seeing what great changes her third year will bring. I know there will be tantrums, but as long as Erik and I can keep from throwing tantrums ourselves, we should all be fine.

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