Bike rides and pumpkins

Another weekend has flown by. This one was unexpectedly warm...a nice last gasp of summer. I brought the sandals and picnic blanket back out and we enjoyed two nice bike rides. We are starting to get the hang of biking as a family and looking forward to more rides before winter sets in. After two years of traveling with Ellis in the stroller or carrier, biking is a refreshingly different pace. On Saturday there was a Pumpkin Festival in McCarren Park. Ellis enjoyed decorating her first pumpkin. We also made it up to Long Island City and saw a neat sky writing piece.
The past few weeks have been great for Ellis. She’s healthy, happy, sleeping well, not terribly tantrum-y, picking up a few new words everyday, and newly obsessed with drawing. I know other weeks will be a lot more challenging (like the potty training ones) so I just want to pause and take note of these weeks while they are here. I am probably feeling so gushy because she just said her first “Love you Mama” when I put her to bed tonight.

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