Birthday and Bellwether

What a gorgeous weekend! All of the trees and plants were blooming, the weather was perfect and I wore a skirt and sandals for the first time this year. We celebrated Sophie’s 5th Birthday on Saturday. She’s so grown up! Ellis was looking forward to her party all week. When I first mentioned it, she said “I get shoes, I get coat, I go to Sophie’s party”. We are starting to realize she doesn’t fully understand time just yet. We often say she can have something in “one minute” so when she wants something, she’ll say “I go to park one minute”.

On Sunday, we continued our Table for Three with a trip to the newly opened Bellwether near McCarren Park. This restaurant was formerly the bar Royal Oak where I have so many great college memories of drinks with friends and late night dancing. Ellis must have felt the vibes, because she had a great time doing a little robot dance in our booth! The food was good and the atmosphere was perfect for our busy little family.

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