Hammock, the Enterprise and little conversations

On Monday, Erik caught some great photos of the space shuttle enterprise coming into New York. I was jealous seeing the pictures from my desk at work that I hadn’t gone in late that morning also to catch the historic fly by!

During our trip to Puerto Rico last December, I picked up a woven hammock at a beach side shop. I was hoping it would work for our small deck. We finally had a chance to hang it up after work tonight and it was perfect. I can’t wait to take an afternoon nap or read a book on it very soon.

We are really enjoying Ellis’s ever expanding vocabulary. She’s started to tell little stories about her day, ask us pretty specific questions, and make plans for the future. She’s discovered the magic power of band-aids. The other night she tripped over one of her toys, got a small scratch on her foot and begged for a purple band-aid. She then fake limped around the apartment while checking out her band-aid in the mirror. She’s such an actress! After attending a few birthday parties of friends, she has been asking about her party. She'll run through the list of her friends and ask if they can come to her party, if we can have cake at her party, and if she’ll have gifs.

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pomme designs said...

Your garden looks great! the hammock looks so invitin & adds the perfect pop of color.