Ellis turns 3!

Oh dear....October passed and I did not have a chance to post. So much has been happening. Being almost five months pregnant (with a boy) is probably my biggest distraction. We are very excited for our growing family and we were also excited to celebrate Ellis’s big third birthday in late September. The weather was perfect for our small get together in the park. We kept the food and decor pretty simple and just let the kids enjoy being together, running around in the new, soft grass at Transmitter Park. This was the first year Ellis was really looking forward and aware of her birthday. She talked about her party for months. I’m enjoying this age so much. It’s wonderful to see her playing with her friends and playing by herself for longer stretches. Drawing, coloring, Play-doh, Duplo, and cutting shapes with her scissors are her favorite things to do in her room. She also likes to play teacher, doctor and cashier, sometimes with us and other times completely on her own. Her version of hide-and-seek cracks us up. She tells me where she is going to hide and then has me count to ten. As soon as I enter her room, she giggles and yells “here I am”. I’d describe her three-year-old character as sweet, artistic, silly and even tempered. She really is our little ray of sunshine.

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