technical difficulties

our internet is down at home (thanks to frances or ivan or whatever hurricane that came up to NY and left a bunch a rain) so I am blogging from work (during my lunch break of course). friday night we had dinner with Almitra at duMont, a lovely little place that serves up "duMac and cheese" and then it was off to the Brooklyn brewery for some super cheap beer. We sat on piled up bags of grain from Belgium. trippy. What other bar has furniture that is eventually made into your beverage?

Saturday we house hunted, well hotel hunted for Rein and Christa. We went to a strange rental suites office where the girl told us that her former boss had been arrested a bunch of times and that a terrorist had tried to stay there during the RCN. Man... she was really selling it! Needless to say, we picked the washington square hotel.

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