Welcome October!

So, finally we are in the 10th month of the year. Is it at this point that the year feels over or was that in September? Either way, 2005 sounds crazy!

Cat update: Meisje got fixed last week and is now sporting a shaved belly and a war wound. Poor girl. We hope she recovers well.

Friday we met up with Kathy who has been living in Basel, Switzerland for the last year and is returning in a few days for another year. I was nervous when I laid out a cheese and crackers snack and the cheese was only a cheap brand cheddar. Oh well. She didn't seem to mind, but did tell some good fondue stories. We went to DuMont again (2nd time for us, first time for her) and ate in the garden this time. So nice. We sat next to a table of 4 Dutch people and Erik enjoying secretly listening to their conversation all night. It must be fin to go culturally undercover.

This weekend has been filled with satisfying errand running. Grocery, laundry, returning a blender that was missing a part, emailing friends, organizing around the house. It feels great to get this stuff done and prepare for the week ahead. We even went to TARGET!!!!!! (I think my heart beats faster just thinking of this amazing place).

This morning I made the huge seasonal step of bringing out the duvet! I can't wait for it to be cold enough that I actually get to use it.

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