16" !!!!

Let me see if I remember how to do this..... Ah yes, you type and you post. It is all coming back to me. I apologize to everyone that we have not been the best bloggers. We actually forgot our username and password and had to have it emailed.Pretty sad.

Well, everything has been great since our October post. We went to Texas for Chritmas and showed Erik "the real America". In January, he started his new job at McRoberts Mitchell (www.mcrobertsmitchell.com).

We were very busy last week printing the wedding invitation for Amke and Niels. We decided to print it on our Epson since the quality is so smooth and nice. It took a little longer than we had hoped, but they look great and we hope they will be very happy with them too. We also saved a lot of money printing it ourselves, but the shipping set us back again ($100). The saddest part with the shipping is that they can't guarantee it because they can never tell how long customs will take.

Today we hiked through the snow to Enid's for brunch. We were not the only ones with this idea. It was packed with all of Greenpoint (minus the Polish residents) and Williamsburg. Afterwards, we went out onto our deck to build a snowman. Unfortunately, the flakes were all powderly and pitiful snowman material. We instead assembled a large pile and jumped in it a few times. We also managed to create a "jaba-the-snow-man". As for the cats, only Max was brave enough to to step outside. He would step, lift a paw, shake it, and then step again. Very cute, like a little dance.

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