Ahhhh... it's the weekend. Although, I guess not technically since I am writing this from work. Marijke flies in this Sunday for a week. I can't wait to explore the city with someone who does not live here. It forces you to go to places other than home and work. We haven't seen her since July, so we are really looking forward to it.

This week we went to the Cy Twombly opening at the Whitney Museum. The work was ok, but the snacks and drinks were excellent. We were much more impressed with the ELlen Gallagher show on the first floor. Agnes invited us and she also brought her other assistant Christiana, who is from Holland and living here for a year. She and Erik had a great time speaking Dutch and comparing experiences and thoughts on living in NY. I had heard so much about, so it was great to finally meet.

CAT UPDATE: Max and Meisje are doing great. Only the night of the Whitney show we got home late and Max left us a present inside the bathtub. We have given him the alias "Dikkie Dik" (fatty fat) since they are practically twins.


Simone said...

Oh my, your cat is ENORMOUS!! He looks like a giant next to your other one. They look so peaceful and warm. I love watching cats sleep.

H3NR7 said...

Your cats are humongous and pretty. I can just stare at them for months.