remember us?

So, I guess we won't pretned that we will ever be any good at keeping up our blog, but for today we'll try.

Tonight we attempted to watch BEING JULIA, but the darn Netflix DVD was busted. I think the world does not want us to see this movie. It was playing on our plane on the way to Amsterdam and I really wanted to see it, but the sleeping monster made me close my eyes. Some day I will see this movie, just not today.

I saw a coworker (not an immediate in-my-office coworker) on the G train for the second time today. I smiled, but did not say hello since I don't want to start one of those obligatory commuting small talk relationships. Is that horrible?

Tomorrow we are renting a car to drive to Nina and Scott's wedding in CT. This will be Erik's first time driving in the US. It is going to be quite the adventure.....

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